In Search of Military Translation Cultures

Translation and Interpreting in World War II in Finland

Changes in the team

Our project blog has been asleep for several months, apologies for that! Let’s start the updates with information on changes in our team:

Sinikka K. resigned from our team in February 2012. Her post was taken over by Sanna Leskinen, who started in April as a project assistant. Her post graduate research is dealing – roughly speaking – with the cultural and linguistic background of interpreters that were acting as interpreters for Russian in Finland during the war years.

In August 2011, Päivi P. took over a full-time post as a university lecturer for Russian language and translation at the University of Helsinki. In January 2012, Svetlana Probirskaja joined the team as a new  post doc researcher working on the interpreting practices in dealing with Finnish prisoners of war by the Red Army (see Team). However, Svetlana is soon leaving for Helsinki, where, where she starts in September 2012 as a university lecturer for Russian language and translation. This, of course, means that there are going to be further changes in our team to inform you about, soon. Meanwhile, I wish both Päivi and Svetlana all the best in their new challenging tasks. I am happy to know that they both continue their research in our project, though with somewhat different time resources.


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